Established in 2008, Delta Consulting Group, Inc., is a woman-owned association management company (AMC) offering strategic solutions for professional associations and nonprofit organizations. As pioneers of the AMC model in New Mexico, Delta’s tailored services help organization leaders focus on advancing their missions.

Why Delta?

Executive directors are often stretched too thin and paid too little, and it can be difficult to find board members able to devote the time necessary to help the organization thrive. All of this leads to burnout, tension, and frustration.

When you partner with Delta, our team of professionals can provide an executive director along with financial management, tax preparation and filing, office space, conference planning, membership management, website development and management, board of director support, or any combination of the above, depending on your unique needs and budget. Your executive director and board members can then focus on the whole reason you exist in the first place:  To fulfill your mission, vision, and goals.

You also have the option of choosing which services you need most, when you need them most. If you already have an executive director, but need help with planning a once-a-year conference, we can help with that. Any members of our team can service as extensions to your existing staff by providing strategic help and support.

Delta can leverage our pool of resources to give you more than you might be able to afford if you hire your own employees and consultants.

What is an AMC?

Association management companies are independent businesses that manage associations and other nonprofit groups. AMCs work with several organizations at once, and can use that breadth of knowledge and experience to benefit their clients.

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How You Benefit

  • Access to Delta’s broad array of expertise
  • Services customized to your unique needs and budget
  • Freeing up your board to allow them to focus on mission and long-range planning
  • Reduction in overhead costs
  • Flexible staffing in times of growth or downsizing
  • Continuity
  • Pooled resources can result in lower costs
  • Experienced staff can offer third-party assessments and advice


Delta’s staff can provide support with a variety of events, including conferences, fundraisers, and training.