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Executive Clients

New Mexico Medical Insurance Pool

Delta has held an executive management contract with NMMIP since 2009. NMMIP is a statutorily created non-profit organization providing health insurance to high-risk individuals. Executive functions provided for NMMIP include board relations and support, development of operational policies & procedures, website management, customer service, contract procurement and management, government and public relations. Deborah Armstrong serves as the Executive Director.  Visit the Pool at its website.

Emerge New Mexico

Delta has held an administrative support or executive management contract with Emerge since 2011. Emerge is a non-profit organization that trains Democratic women to run for public office. Executive functions provided include board relations and support, recruitment of applicants for training, organizing and managing monthly training sessions, organizing an annual fundraising event, organizing regular events to engage alumni, website management, financial management, managing email list-serve and maintaining a relationship with national organization. Ashley Sanderson serves as the Executive Director. Visit Emerge New Mexico at its website.

New Mexico Association for Home & Hospice Care

Delta was awarded a contract to provide a complete association management solution for New Mexico Association for Home & Hospice Care (NMAHHC) in 2016.  NMAHHC serves its membership through advocacy, networking, education and communication by promoting success and best practices for home care, hospice and related home health support services. Association management solutions for NMAHHC include board development & support; membership engagement & development; meeting and conference planning and management; website development and maintenance; newsletter publication; government relations & advocacy; and financial management & accounting. Meggin Lorino serves as Executive Director. Visit NMAHHC at its website.

New Mexico Association of Nurse Anesthetists

Delta was awarded an association management contract for NMANA in 2015.  Services provided include board support, meeting and conference planning and management, member relations and development, website development and maintenance, newsletter publication, and fundraising. Alex Bazan is a client representative for NMANA.  Visit NMANA at its website.

Previous Special Projects

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  • New Mexico HIV/AIDS Services
  • United States Department of Justice
  • New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange
  • New Mexico Department of Health
  • New Mexico Firefighter’s Lobby
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Council
  • National Association of State Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans
  • Texas Health Insurance Pool
  • New Mexico Society of Association Executives