Start-up Services

Delta maintains a proven record in developing successful organizations. Delta shares its decades-long experience in a comprehensive start-up services package that will allow you to launch a member-focused organization or non-profit foundation.

Corporate Structure

  • Develop, file Articles of Incorporation Application
  • Construct bylaws Draft for Adoption; Incorporate Changes until Final
  • Coordinate/Manage Selection and Election of Initial Board of Directors
  • Committee Development
  • Complete federal tax exempt Application
  • Establish Checking Account
  • Prepare Association Letterhead
  • Secure Board of Directors Liability Insurance
  • Set-up email votes and prepare all related minutes and resolutions
  • Attend and set-up Teleconferences as needed
  • Attorney Review and Approval of Bylaws
  • Prepare Agenda and Materials and all logistics for the first in person meeting of the full Board


Branding & Membership Development

  • Logo Development
  • Stationery Design
  • Member Brochures
  • Member Application Design
  • Establish Dues Structure
  • Member Profile/Demographic Development & Database
  • New Membership PR and Promotion
  • Recruit/Solicit Membership
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